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OAEA is proud to sponsor the The Young People's Art Exhibition (YPAE) and the Youth Art Month (YAM) exhibition in conjunction with Youth Art Month in March.

OAEA members can submit up to five student works from grades Pre-K through 8 to both of these shows at the regional level. One piece will be chosen for YPAE and another for the YAM show. From the regional level, the art pieces are given to the state YPAE and YAM chairs to exhibit.


The Young People's Art Exhibition and Youth Art Month show will be up during the February 16- March 23, 2019 at the Rhodes State Office Tower and the State Teachers Retirement Systems building in Columbus.


This upcoming year will be the 39th year OAEA has hosted these two shows. Students from all nine regions of our state are represented.  In years past, the shows have displayed over 250 students from around the state. Both shows will be recognized on March 2, 2019 at the Rhodes State Office Tower and the State Teacher Retirement Systems building.


This year we will be asking teachers to fill out the entry form and upload photos of the student artwork online.  The photos will be used to upload to Artsonia, for the exhibition programs and sketchbooks and documentation.

December 15, 2018 will be the deadline for online submissions!

Please contact your Regional Director for more information regarding drop off times and locations.  


Western Region = [email protected]

Central Region = [email protected]

Southwest Region = [email protected]

North Central Region = [email protected]

Northwest Region = [email protected]

Southeast Region = [email protected]

Northeast Region = [email protected]

East Region = [email protected]


Letters to the students will be going out by early to mid February. Teachers will be getting an e-mail. The letters and e-mail will provide information for the Recognition Ceremony in March.


You can see all the YPAE and YAM art on the website  We host all the work here, go to the website and search OAEA under schools to take you to the site with work.  You can purchase any art on items and 20% of all purchases goes back to our exhibitions fund.


Thanks to all the teachers for submitting art to these state shows.  In the always changing world of education we need to continue to strive to keep the creativity of the visual arts in the lives of our students!


Important Information:

YAM/YPAE Guidelines and Rules


For more information on YAM & YPAE:


Student Programming Division is working on the 'Youth Art Month' Scrapbook and needs your help! This digital 'scrapbook' records and celebrates what Ohio has done to observe Youth Art Month...and to honor everything YOU have worked so hard on, whether it was organizing an art show, planning a dress-up day, or finding your own unique or quirky way to celebrate the arts in March. It will only take a few minutes to be a part of this effort, but it will make a huge impact if everyone helps!

Please send any photos, screenshots, or documentation of your 'Youth Art Month' observances to [email protected] Thanks so much!!!