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Teacher Feature

 Heather Wackler

Heather Wackler grew up in Arcanum, Ohio, graduated from Wright State University with her bachelors degree and Visual Arts certification and has completed some Graduate work at Drake University. She lives outside of Arcanum with her husband, 3 children, and her 2 dogs Violet and Wicket. Heather has been teaching 18 years and is currently teaching 500 K-5 students a week.  

Heather said she always knew that she would be doing something related to art when she got older. She loved art from an early age. Some of Heather’s childhood memories are of her Father being very creative and encouraging her to make art. They would spend days spinning their own wool for yarn and weaving their yarn into rugs. Heather grew up watching her father create art work and would sneak into his supplies and make her own art.

She says the most awesome thing about teaching art is building relationships with her students. Heather loves seeing her students that have a passion for art going on to choose careers in the art field. She says it is an awesome thing to see that passion come full circle and always enjoys when they come back to visit.  

Heather said “I love to paint and work with clay. Whenever I have a free moment, that is my first choice. I also love doing art with my own children.”

You might think Heather has her hands full with being a full time mother to three children and an elementary art teacher but she also finds time for herself. In her free time Heather loves being outside. She likes to hike, travel and garden.

It’s easy to see why Heather was nominated by her peers for outstanding art teacher. She brings her lifelong love for art into her instruction and inspires hundreds of children every year. Thank you Heather for your contribution to art education in our region!

About West

Western region is so excited to be the place for professional development and camaraderie for all those working in the visual arts in Western Ohio.  Whether you teach art in a K-12 setting, or at the college level, are studying to become an art educator, work in a museum or gallery, we welcome you to WOAEA!   It’s been said that there is a true feeling of family in our region!  We work to ensure all our members feel valued and supported.  Thank you for helping us make our region strong.

If you are not a member, but would like to join the family and take part in the benefits and networking that is OAEA, reach out to Kathy Pugh, our Membership Chairperson or the Regional Director, Megan Newton for details on how to become a member.

Join us for networking and professional growth, museum tours, lesson swaps, hands-on workshops, exhibitions, and lots more as we strive to provide resources to you in the valuable work you do -- ensuring all children in Western Ohio are receiving quality art education!

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Teacher Feature 

Julie Brewer

 Julie Brewer’s journey to becoming an art teacher started early and was forged in a love for art and a desire to help others. She grew up in Darke County, Ohio. Julie has a BFA from Ohio Northern University and will complete her MAAE at the Art Academy of Cincinnati in the summer of 2017.  She lives three miles from the farm where she grew up with her husband Isaac, her cuddly kitty Honey, and 17 silver laced Wyandotte chickens. Julie is in her 5th year of teaching and sees about 200 5th and 6th graders every day each semester.

When asked why she decided to become an art teacher, Julie said there were three significant reasons. She has always enjoyed making things from an early age. According to Julie’s mom her love for art started in Kindergarten when she learned about patterns. Another reason was Julie’s middle school art teacher. She took Julie under her wing and would allow Julie and her friends to eat lunch in the art room. The final, most significant reason that influenced Julie to become an art teacher happened in a high school art class. She was sitting next to a student who became frustrated with his project and proceeded to take Julie’s art project and rip it in half. Instead of being upset she began the art project over and this time explained the steps to her fellow, frustrated classmate so that he could understand and create a successful project himself.

Julie said this about her favorite part of teaching art, “I love the “Aha!” moment, when students put pieces together about an artwork they’re viewing or making, when they’re just so excited they can hardly contain themselves! That energy is so compelling!”

When creating her own art Julie enjoys watercolor collage, screen printing, and book binding. She is currently preparing wall-sized drawings and collages for her upcoming thesis exhibit. Julie also enjoys practicing Yoga, gardening, camping, hiking, and playing cards and board games with friends and family.  

It’s no wonder Julie Brewer thrives as an art teacher and is being recognized by those around her. It seems that she was not only predisposed to create art but to inspire others with her love for it! Congratulations Julie on being one of our Outstanding Art Teachers!