Teacher Incentive Grants Program

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Teacher Incentive Grant Information & Cover Page
The Ohio Art Education Foundation (OAEF) invites applications for the Teacher Incentive Program. Since OAEA is not a grants-making association, the Ohio Art Education Foundation was established as an independent organization to provide support for a variety of art education programs.  Foundation grants are made to OAEA members only and must be used for projects which enhance and further art education in the State of Ohio.

ELIGIBILITY:  Application to the Grant Program is open to any Art Educator who is an active member of OAEA and is currently teaching art at an Ohio Elementary, Middle or High School.
Applicants should carefully check all required information included in the proposal. Omission of address, phone number, OAEA ID number and / or content information will automatically disqualify the application. OAEA membership will not be processed at the time of application for the purpose of meeting grant deadlines. Applications from non-members will not be considered.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: OAEF grant applicants compete for limited funds. Deadlines assure all applicants they will be treated fairly and equally, without last minute haste. OAEF has set strict deadlines for applications. Failure to meet the deadline results in the application being rejected without further consideration.  You may apply for a grant up to $500. Application deadline is May 1st (annually).

DEADLINE FOR PROJECT COMPLETION: Project must be completed by May 30th. Final documentation is due by June 13th. Teachers receiving incentive grants agree to present their projects in a workshop, or General Session at the 2019 OAEA convention, and/or complete a short review of the project for the ARTline. (See “Final Reporting Requirements” included in this document)

APPLICATION CONTENTS: OAEF and its representatives will not provide endorsements to applicants or offer advice on content or substance of applications. OAEF does not provide a “model proposal” or copies of previous award applications. Grant applications must be three (3) to five (5) typed or pages written in narrative style including:

1. Completed and signed Teacher Incentive Grant Application Form

2. How the project advances and enriches art education for Ohio students, whether in a particular classroom, building, district or on a statewide basis. Review “Checklist for Applicants”, “Tips on Preparing Grant” and “Proposal Writing” included in this document.

3. Timeline for project completion and the completion date.  

4. Project evaluation/assessment strategies.
Attach a Budget Detail page.

Attach a letter of support from your building administrator must be included as supplemental material.
If not submitted online, Four (4) copies of the proposal application must be mailed to:  Dr. Dennis Cannon at 1867 Knollridge Court, Columbus, Ohio 43229 and be postmarked by May 1, 2018.
Applications may also be submitted online at the OAEA web site under Ohio Art Education Foundation.

OAEF Grants are limited to $500.  Proposals for OAEF funds must clearly identify specific objectives and activities. Funding for travel should be limited to a minor part of the grant and must be directly related to the operation and accomplishment of the project. Proposals for purchase of equipment, conducting conferences, indirect costs, stipends to teachers, or the production of publications will not be funded. Proposals exceeding grant limit amounts will automatically be disqualified. Limit: one (1) funded Incentive Grant per member per school year.
Grant monies will be released to the grantee after the Final Documentation materials are submitted.

Every effort is made to insure the impartiality of the jury relative to the applicants. All grants are awarded without regard to age, gender, race, special needs, or national origin. Applicants will be critiqued based upon the review of grant proposal and timeline, assessment of degree of positive impact upon art education at “micro” (classroom and building) and “macro” (district or statewide) levels.  Personal interviews by selection committee are optional.