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Personal Enrichment Grants for Teachers

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OAEF Teacher Enrichment Grant Application & Cover Page

General Focus: to support professional enrichment or development opportunities and specialized activities that advance or re-focus the development of skills by assisting with costs such as:
•    Expenses for participation in seminars, workshops, conferences, training programs, or meetings
•    Books, software, or materials required for the proposed professional development activity.
•    Equipment that broadens or deepens skills or advances an applicant’s professional development

Eligibility: You must be an active member of the Ohio Art Education Association and currently teaching PK-12 visual art.

You may apply for a grant up to $1,000. The number of grants funded will depend on availability of funds.

Proposals for the following will not be considered: National Art Education Association or Ohio Art Education Association Conferences. Funds may not be used for college tuition or graduate credit.

Applicant agrees to attend professional development activity and provide receipts to the Foundation for reimbursement within thirty (30) days after the event.


April 1, 2019 midnight. Notification of approval will be announced no later than May 1, 2019.

Application Process:
As part of the online application you will be required to submit a proposal, an itemized budget, a letter of support and a program brochure as described below. You will be asked to upload these five documents as one .pdf document. Only a .pdf file may be uploaded. When combining these four documents into one, please collate them in the order listed below. Applications may be uploaded on the OAEA website under the Foundation section.

Applicants will submit the following:

1. A proposal (maximum 1 page) Explain as clearly as possible the connection between what is being requested and how it supports your professional growth and development in the particular area, advances existing or develops new skill sets, and/or leads you closer to a short- or long-term career goal/aspiration. Also include in the proposal a few sentences about yourself and your role in your school/district. The rationale as to how your attendance at the professional development event will impact your art education classroom. How will the professional development event impact you as a professional art educator?  The proposal does not have to be lengthy, but the link between the request and your professional development must be explained clearly.

2. An itemized budget/breakdown and documentation of all intended costs. If additional funding will come from your school district or other sources and/or from personal funds, please indicate that as part of the total budget. Please specify the amount of funds requested from the Foundation. You may apply Federal Per Diem rates for meals if needed.

3. A letter of support from your building principal that includes a statement of support for the proposal as well as an indication that the allotted time to complete the activity/program will be considered professional leave time if event occurs during the school year.

4. Scan and upload the document/brochure describing the event that lists registration costs, activities etc.