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About Us

The OAEA Supervision, Policy, and Administration Division serves and supports Art Educators in Ohio who supervise pre-service Art Educators as well as those involved with policy-making and/or administrative roles within the field in the state. The Division works diligently to advocate for visual Arts Education in Ohio.

If you are one among this hardworking group of Art Educators, become a member of OAEA and please share your experiences. As you make up the faculty members and mentors on the front lines of our field, your feedback, advice, and expertise is vital to the future of Art Education in Ohio.

Why me?

With a passion for working with Student Art Teachers, I have several years of experience facilitating relationships among Pre-Service Art Education Students, Instructors in Higher Education, and K-12 Art Teacher Mentors in the field. Helping all these players to succeed, I believe that staying current on and communicating about visual arts related legislative issues in the state and nation is vital to my role. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as Chair for the Supervision, Policy, and Administration (SPA) Division of OAEA.

What do you think?

Send me an email with your response to one of the following prompts and know that your thoughts and ideas contribute to meaningful conversation:

What makes today’s pre-service Art Educators in Ohio strong?

What would make today’s pre-service Art Educators stronger?

What thoughts, ideas, and/or recommendations do you have for others interested in pre-service Art Education?

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