Secondary Division Chair
Craig Huffman
[email protected]


My name is Craig Huffman, and I’m looking forward to being your new OAEA Secondary Chair. Weeks away from beginning my eighteenth year as an art educator, I teach drawing, painting and computer graphics at
Pickerington High School Central.

For the last several years, I’ve contemplated doing something for the OAEA. I’ve watched my best friend and co-worker, Matt Young, work as the OAEA’s Public Relations representative, its Secondary Chair, and currently its 1st Vice President. As the secondary chair, Matt was working hard to initiate more professional development opportunities for art teachers. When he moved up to the 1st V.P. position, I volunteered to step in and help.

My main goal as the Secondary Chair is to continue the work that Matt started by creating more professional development opportunities for art teachers. As a community, we have so many skills, innovations, and experiences to share. With all of this knowledge, we don’t need to be reliant upon expensive outside resources to grow as educators or to advance our careers.

Speaking of sharing experiences, the OAEA conference is quickly approaching. If you haven’t gone to conference yet, I encourage you to attend. I just started a few years ago, and am totally hooked on the experience! It’s a great place for new ideas, networking, and having fun with people who are passionate about teaching art.

I hope to see you there.

Craig Huffman


Sidney G.
East Guernsey Local Schools (Buckeye Trail HS)

D'Shawn J.
Cleveland Central Catholic HS


Differentiated instruction and real-world applications are new buzzwords floating among educational pedagogy but Art teachers have been doing this all along! Showcase that we can be the driving force in the “well-rounded” movement. Our students thrive in the environment of exploration and discovery, things art strives for in every class on every day. Hands-on engagement spotlights hidden talents and diversity among our students. Let’s demonstrate to the educational world what Art Educators have always known: creativity is the ultimate real-world application and natural differentiator. Keep doing what we do!


What could you do to add to the community?

  1. With the upcoming NAEA conference, are you attending? 
  2. Are you presenting? 
  3. Why not? What is holding you back? Have you asked your district for support?
  4. Do you have an OAEA conference presentation idea? (Proposals open in March)
  5. What is something you do well that you could share with others? 
  6. Is there an awesome student opportunity that you know about that you could share with others?
  7. Are you a building, district, or state representative that could help others with their assessment and data collection?


 The mission of the OAEA is “Building COMMUNITY for visual art educators by promoting professional growth and leadership.”



Twitter: @secondarychair

New Technology
and FREE Stuff

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