Lisa Girlie
1st Vice President

As 1st Vice President I get the privilege of working with the regional directors in making OAEA your place to go for professional development, art education leadership, networking, and of course friendships. There are nine regions in Ohio and each region is made up of several counties. It is the goal of each Regional Director to provide opportunities for their members such as workshops, museum visits, luncheons, lesson plan swaps, support in the
SLO process, trying out new art products, regional exhibits, recognize award winners, and more. We meet as a group five times a year to work together to create great regional activities and newsletters. Then each region has their own group of officers and meetings to make things happen for you. If you are not already a member, please check out the map and see which region you need
to join!


2018 Regional Directors

Central RD

Rebecca Turk


North Central RD

Wendy Marett


Northwest RD 

Erin Dechman

Northeast RD

MaryElizabeth Norman


East RD


Terri Bradshaw




Western RD

Megan Newton






Southwest RD

Jacquelyn Sommer




Southeast RD


Jennifer Appelfeller





The OAEA divides Ohio into eight geographic regions to serve its membership: Central, East, North Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and West. Each region conducts an annual meeting at the OAEA Professional Development Conference along with selected meetings within their region. Each region organizes programs in response to the needs and interests of their regional membership. Regions elect, for a two year term, a Regional Director, Regional Director Elect, and an Advocacy/Public Relations Chairperson serving no more than two (2) consecutive terms for the same elected office.  These elected individuals serve on the OAEA Board of Trustees.


Other volunteer opportunities are available within each region.
 For more information and to become active within your region select your
region above to see the contact information for each region.