The Kalahari 2018 OAEA Conference
workshop proposal submissions will be accepted March 1st-May 1st.

Workshop Proposal Form

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You must fill out ONLINE form above for official workshop proposal submission.   
OAEA Proposal Rubric (pdf)

Each conference proposal submission must include: 
1.) 8 word Workshop Title, 2.) 30 word Booklet Description, 3.) 150 word Workshop

Description 4.) Educational Connections
See online form for details.

Types of Workshops -Fill out Workshop Proposal Form (above) to submit for all 3 workshop types.  From there you will choose the type of workshop.  All proposal reimbursements will need to be submitted with valid receipts by the close of conference.  1. Standard Presentation without hands-on activity - $35.00 for printing and basic presentation costs.  2. Hands-on Presentation with consumables - to be used and distributed to workshop attendees -- $65.00 for consumables and materials available to attendees.  Online form requires standard presentation information, as well as, a file upload of an itemized budget, which must be submitted for this type of presentation. 3. Ticketed Event Workshop -- Presentations that exceed the maximum reimbursement listed above are named as ticketed events to cover the cost of consumables used by and distributed to workshop participants who have paid this fee.   Attendees preregister for T.E.'s and pay a fee set by the presenter.  Online form  requires standard presentation information, as well as, a file upload of an itemized budget, which must be submitted for this type of presentation.

Tips for Submitting Workshop Proposals (please read, important information below)
  • Must be a current OAEA Member with submission and must be registered for conference by early bird deadline.
  • BOLD fields are required for submission
  • All submissions are due by Midnight on May 1st.  Incomplete Proposals will not be accepted, you will get a confirmation email after clicking submit.  If you do not receive this email, please email [email protected]
  • Professional Standards committee uses above  Proposal Rubric for review & selection.
  • All presenters and co-presenters must be current OAEA members at the time of proposal submission AND at the time of the conference.
  • Multiple presenter submissions are welcomed & accepted.
  • Presenters are responsible for registration & hotel costs.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you acknowledging your submission is complete. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. 
  • Notification Timeline:  Those with selected proposals will be notified via email in June with contracts out in August.  Signed contracts due Aug. 30.  Earlybird Conference Registration required to include workshop title & description in conference booklet.           
  • Conference workshop proposal acceptance emails were sent to the email that is connected to your membership log in! 
    Contracts will be sent in late July.

Other Information...Reimbursement Policy & Disclaimer:
  • Presenters of ticketed events are reimbursed for the amount requested on the proposal form per registrant for the number of tickets sold as recorded by the OAEA Conference Registrar and may not exceed $25/participant. $1 is added to T.E. for online processing fees.
  • The OAEA does not allow “for profit” workshops, nor do they reimburse for the cost of equipment, tools, etc. that are not given to workshop attendees. All fees requested must be submitted to Workshop Check In room and processed through the OAEA. No fees/money will be exchanged between presenters and participants at the conference.
  • Please note that the reimbursement amount is per workshop not per presenter/co-presenter. To be reimbursed, presenters of all workshops must complete an official OAEA Voucher form, provided on-site at presenter check-in. Receipts for materials used for the presentation must accompany all vouchers. Vouchers with attached receipts are due to the OAEA State Workshop Chair by the end of the Conference.
Proposal Review & Selection:
  • All proposals are reviewed by the OAEA Professional Standards Committee at May OAEA Board meeting using the scoring rubric above. 
  • Selected presentations are notified via email in June with time and day of presentation.  
  • Presenter Commitment Contracts are mailed in mid summer and due signed and returned by Aug. 30th
Presenter Commitment to OAEA Professional Conference:
  • As a workshop presenter, you and your co-presenters are required to register for the conference during the day(s) you are presenting. 
  • Conference registration begins Aug 15All presenters must be registered for the day of your presentation by the close of Earlybird Registration to have your workshop and name listed in the printed program booklet. 
  • Presenters are responsible for bringing all electronic equipment (laptop, projector, extension chords, etc.) needed for their presentation.  AV screens and carts will be available in all workshop rooms.