PreService Division Chair
Stephanie Clements




Goal for Division:


In my experience, I have found volunteering opportunities and community outreach programs to be extremely beneficial in gaining valuable experience teaching and working with students of all ages. I encourage all of my fellow pre-service teachers to find ways to interact with youth and create art throughout their own communities. From every program or opportunity that I have been involved in, I have created great memories, developed strong professional relationships and opened doors to new adventures. I personally encourage everyone to become involved in the artistic community in their own home towns. Although life is busy and volunteering our time may be a sacrifice which may not be at the top of the priority list, I highly recommend it. Few things are as rewarding.

 Upcoming Events

Being involved in the OAEA (Ohio Art Education Association) can open numerous doors for you and help you get a job after graduation!

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About the PreService Division:

The student division is designed to be a forum for networking, community outreach, volunteering and teaching opportunities. Through local event, professional development conferences and social media platforms this division allows pre-service teachers to connect and share philosophies, techniques and experiences outside of the traditional classroom.

The OAEA Student Division can help you to learn from high quality art educators, stretch your art education training beyond the university and prepare you to teach a wide variety of student populations. Beef up your resume and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities to learn and develop professionally. So get out there! Volunteer at a prominent art museum, local arts organization, summer art camp and/or after-school program!

Congratulations to our 2018 Graduates!

Bowling Green State University:
Amanda Crouser, Jordan Hector, Carlye Hutchinson, AJ Julian, Julianne Mullins, Amy Norrod, Trisha Schulze

Mount Saint Joseph University:
Anna Kaufman, Courtney New

The Ohio State University:
Heather Allen, Jessica Downin, Jennifer Ellis, Kelsey Ervin, Brynna Ferguson, Rachelle Howland, Summer Jordan, Sarah Ketron, Brittany Kidder, Christina Kokot, Rachel LaGruth, Rebecca Lieb, Bailey Lytle, Cassy Sinchok, Shannon Smith, Tashonda Ward

The University of Toledo:
Amy Pollman

Kent State University:
Samantha Angie, Brittany Brewery, Julie Bearss, Sarah Dea, Cliffton Seeman, Savannah Graham, Amber Tubman

Ashland University:
Nicole Lattig, Margaret Dewitt, Rachel Rainsbottom

Miami University:
Kaylee Baumbach, Jesse Green, Kelli Scarpa, Rachel Zeinner

University of Dayton:
Bridget McCafferty, Rose DeFluri, Morgan Bukovec (December)

Youngstown State University:
Miranda Timmins