Art Advocacy is an essential aspect of art education. As professional art educators it is our responsibility to make others understand the essential value that visual arts education holds for learners. Have you taken time to enlighten anyone about the importance of a visual arts education? Who needs to hear your voice? Administrators? Parents? Other educators? School Board members? Local Legislators?



Gayle Mulder
[email protected]


2018 PR/Advocacy Committee Members 

2nd Vice President – Gayle Mulder Alliance Representative – Tim Katz (Executive Director OAAE)
Marketing Chairperson – Michelle Kane Central – Christina Clumm
East – Cheryl Swain East Central – Ashley Bowman, Katelyn Freday
North Central – Tracy Mathys North East – Trina Parrish
North West – Erin Johnson South East Ashton Peck
South West – Jane Taylor West – Heather Wakler