OAEA 2015 Awards
 One of the most important programs OAEA offers is recognition of our members for their outstanding performance as art educators and service to the organization. These individuals, through their powerfully engaging work and tremendous impact they’ve had on their students, inspired colleagues and fellow OAEA members to nominate them for these awards. We also take the time to appreciate the generous contributions from our community that support our work with Ohio’s art students.
We will celebrate the following honorees at our annual awards banquet and program on Friday November 6 at our state professional development conference in Dayton. Congratulations to these shining examples of high quality art education in Ohio.
State Distinguished Service Awards
Distinguished Citizen - Sara Kass, Cliffside Artists  Collaborative, Hinkley, OH (NE region)
Distinguished Educator - Nate Thompson, Dir. Athens Photo Project, Athens, OH (SE region)
Distinguished Business/ Organization - Buckeye Ceramic Supply, Hilliard, OH (C region)
Outstanding Art Teachers
Central - Roxanne Holonitch (Elem Div) and Matt Young (Sec Div)
East - Lori Taylor (Mid Div)
East Central - Rita Walbeck (Mid Div)
North Central - Karen Rader (Elem Div)
Northeast - Dr. Linda Hoeptner-Poling (HiEd Div) and Sandra Phillips (Sec Div)
Northwest - Brian Krawetzke (Sec Div) and Jennifer Bucher (Mid Div)
Southeast - Samantha Emler (Mid Div)
Southwest - Melissa Sand (Sec Div) and Rita Shriver-Schehr (Mid Div)
West - Lindsay Gustafson (Mid Div)
Division Awards
Pre-Service/ Student - Cody Knepper, NE
Elementary - Jan Wiesner, SW
Middle/ Junior High - Megan Krieger Newton, W
Secondary - Mark Wiesner, SW
Higher Education - Juliann Dorff, NE
Museum - no nominees
Supervision/ Administration - no nominees
Retired - Sharon Stout, C
Ohio Art Educator of the Year
Laura Tawil, NE, Sec Div
Ohio Art Educator of the Year Nominees
            Sarah Danner Hebdo, C, Mid Div
            Tim Shuckerow, NE, HiEd Div

2014 OAEA Awards

2014 Scholarship Winners
            First Place: Katelyn Diemand-Yarmand, Case Western Reserve University
            Second Place: Suzanne Surface, Mount Saint Joseph University

 2014 State Service Awards
            Distinguished Citizen                                     Hector Castellanos Lara
            Distinguished Educator                                  Gay Welker
            Distinguished Organization                            Visionaries + Voices

 2014 Outstanding Art Teachers
            Central-                                               Jonathon Juravich and Melanie Antram Ingraham
            East-                                                    Heather Beauchamp
            East Central-                                       Michelle Rosette
            North Central-                                     Patience Lewis
            North East-                                         Juliann Dorff and Marcie Lowell
            North West-                                        Jacque Sperling
            South East-                                         Tom Miller
            South West-                                        Hilary Carvitti and Shelley Komrska
            West-                                                   Joan Lucas

 2014 Division Awards
            Student Division                                 Derrick Bell
            Elementary Division                           Sherry Middendorf-Fuller
            Middle Level Division                        Camilla McComb
            Secondary Division                             Carrie Barnett
            Higher Education Division                 David Guip
            Supervision Division                           Amelia Joynes
            Retired Division                                  Kurt Reichert

 2014 Ohio Art Educator of the Year
                                                Marge Hilliard-Leberecht

Marge Hilliard-Leberecht
Tim Shuckerow