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2017 Outstanding Art Teachers

Central:  Mindy Staley, Gail Wilson, Amy Hipple
East Central:  Terri Bradshaw
North Central:  Wendy Marett
North East:  Cindy Naprestek, Jeanette Sulak, Sara Curry
North West:  Matthew Bower, Ann Hymel
South East:  Shannon Fish
South West:  Jane Taylor, Karen Rellar
West:  Julie Brewer, Heather Wackler


OAT Regional Awards


  • Be a member in good standing of the OAEA and must agree to be present at the annual convention to receive the award.
  • Have a commitment and dedication to his or her students that is characterized patience, understanding, compassion and helpfulness.
  • Meet the needs and interests of students in a creative manner, bringing about learning, growth and development in all areas, development of appropriate objectives.
  • Have developed a philosophy and theory of art teaching that is consistently reflected both in and outside the classroom.
  • Be aware and cognizant of the literature, research and current issues in the field of art education.
  • Contribute personal effort and time beyond the normal teaching duties in promoting art education and the arts in his or her school system, the community, the region and/or the state.
  • Be outstanding in public relations and in advocating support for art education and the arts.
  • Be involved in developing innovative curricula and methodology.
  • Show educational leadership at the local, regional, state or national level.
  • Be professionally active by publishing articles concerning art education, giving speeches in support of art education and/or the arts, and/or continue to create art and exhibit their own artwork.
  • Have completed at least five years of experience within art education.


Timeline for OAT Procedures 
Date                        What                                                                                                      Who
May - Sept.        Call for nominations for OAT                                                                      RD
                           ARTline announcements also
Conference       Deadline for members to submit nomination                                                     
                           for OAT. Submit Nomination Form online.                                                  Nominator
 Nov./Dec.          Send out Nomination Materials Request Form to all OAT
                           Nominees before December 1.                                                                  RD
 Nov./Dec.          Election process by ballot of active members         
                           for OAT (necessary if number nominated is over
                           regional quota for that year)                                                                       RD
 Feb/Mar            Announce winners to regional membership                                               RD
Jan                     All support materials and required submission packet
                          (including photos) entered into OAEA online portal                                     Nominator
 June                 Write ups for convention brochure                                                               Awards Chair
                          Submit to Convention Coordinator
 August             Awards PowerPoint is designed. Awards ordered.                                      Awards Chair
 Sept.                Review awards program and PowerPoint
                          with RD’s at Sept. Board of Directors meeting                                             Awards Chair
Aug./Sept.        Contact the principal and superintendent of the OAT
                         (Beginning of school year) and include information and prices of the
                         awards dinner at convention                                                                          Awards Chair
Nov.                 Introduce and give biographical information about the OAT
                         at the awards dinner at annual conference.                                                   Awards Chair


“I believe all students have the ability to grow through the visual arts. I get a sense of satisfaction when one of my students finishes a work of art that they are proud to acknowledge and claim as their own.  Visual arts build character, perseverance, and pride in a job well done.”        –Patricia Young