Ohio Art Education Association’s Distinguished Fellows

The Ohio Art Education Association’s (OAEA) Distinguished Fellow is a prestigious position bestowed upon members of the Association.  These OAEA members have made long term, marked contributions to the Association and to the advancement of art education at the regional, divisional, local, state and national levels.

The title of being a Distinguished Fellow is not subject to revocation.  Being named a Distinguished Fellow is viewed as a way to additionally honor art educators for exceptional professional service.  With this title/position it provides for a fellow to continue to participate and contribute to the workings of the OAEA.

Upon request, the OAEA Distinguished Fellow’s responsibilities may include:
  • To serve as an advisory committee for policy questions/revisions that relate to the history and continuity of the goals of the Association.
  • To provide motivation and guidance for emerging leaders.
  • To serve on special committees of the OAEA.
  • To help to maintain the OAEA in a positive light.

Criteria for nomination consideration are:

  • The OAEA member must have been an active member of the OAEA for at least eight (8) continuous years prior to nomination.
  • Must maintain membership in the association for voting rights and privileges.

Final Acceptance will be based on:

  • Nominee’s accomplishments
  • Significance of overall contribution to art education and the Association
  • Number of points received in the criteria point system

Points are awarded based on the criteria such as:

  • State-level OAEA leadership and Regional OAEA leadership.
  • Leadership in related Art/Art Education Professional Associations.
  • OAEA Conference, Conference presentations or symposia leadership.
  • OAEA editorial service, publications, and exhibitions.
  • National Art Education Association (NAEA) service and leadership.
  • Leadership and service.

The OAEA Distinguished Fellows annually fundraise to support the Ohio Art Education Foundation scholarship program.

2019 OAEA Distinguished Fellows Officers and Contacts

Barrie S. Archer
2787 Parkway #2, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920
Lynda Berman
52 Charles Street, Athens, OH 45701-1415
OAEA Foundation President:   
Dr. Dennis Cannon            
1867 Knollridge Court, Columbus, OH  43229
Web Liaison:
Review Committee Chair: 
Susan Witten      
1706 Andover Road, Columbus, OH 43212     
Fundraising Chairs:  
1. Shuckerow Bequest Liaison:  
Randall Robart
9476 Fraze Road, Marshallville, Ohio 44645
[email protected]
2. Conference Donation Coordinator:
Sherri Love
155 Moorfield Drive, Gahanna, OH 43230
[email protected]
Symposium Chair:          
2019 – Edie Davidson                
Distinguished Fellows Conference Co-contact:  
Kurt Reichert
4626 Family Drive, Hilliard, OH 43026
[email protected]

OAEA Distinguished Fellows Roster
  • Barrie S. Archer
  • Susan Ayers
  • Lynda Berman
  • Georgann Blair
  • Jan Brasier
  • Dr. Dennis Cannon
  • Donna S. Collins
  • Donna Cornwell
  • Edie Davidson
  • Dr. Maryl Fletcher DeJong*
  • Sherrie Dennis
  • Juliann Dorff
  • Dr. Jan S. Fedorenko
  • Monte E. Garrabrant*
  • Dr. Mary Golubieski
  • Dr. Doris Guay
  • Dr. David Guip
  • Michele Hamsher
  • Adrian Vance Hawk
  • Elizabeth Ritari Harris
  • Sarah Danner Hebdo
  • Amelia C. Joynes
  • Judy Kahle
  • Sandra Kight
  • Leslie Koelsch
  • Louis Koenig*
  • Dr. Julia A. Lindsey
  • George Liston
  • Sherri Love
  • Jean Elayne Lowe
  • Marge Hilliard-Leberecht
  • Dr. Nancy MacGregor
  • Dr. Jill Markey
  • James Mateer*
  • Joan Maxwell
  • Doris McEwen
  • Dr. John Michael*
  • Suzanne Mitolo
  • Sandra Noble
  • Dr. Linda Hoeptner Poling
  • Dr. Gordon Plummer*
  • Kurt F. Reichert
  • Pandy Reiser
  • Randall Robart
  • Janet A. Roberts*
  • Daniel B. Robinson
  • Martin Russell*
  • Dr. Connie M. Schalinske
  • H. Norman Schnepf*
  • Tim Shuckerow
  • Bobbi Jo Smith
  • Dr. Frank Susi
  • Alice B. Tavani
  • Laura Tawil
  • Diane Thorpe
  • Jerry Tollifson*
  • Nancy A. Vogel
  • Dr. Susan Witten
  • Dr. Foster Wygant*
  • Dr. Mary Zahner