Dr. Stephanie Danker
Higher Ed Chair





Chairperson's Message

About the Higher Ed Division

The Higher Education Division consists of those members of the Ohio Art Education Association involved in teaching at the collegiate level. The Division provides a forum for ongoing dialogue focused on art teacher preparation and facilitates communication and networking between members concerning issues of pre-service art education in Ohio. The Division also actively advocates for communication between Higher Education members and PK-12 members in an effort to establish collaborations as needed.

In addition to setting the agenda for the annual Higher Education Division Business meeting at the annual conference and conducting the meeting, a primary responsibility of the Division is the management of the OAEA Pre-service Scholarships funded through the Ohio Art Education Foundation (OAEF). This annual competition awards a $2000 and $1000 non-renewable scholarship for an undergraduate or graduate student seeking Ohio multi-age licensure in visual art (eligibility based on active OAEA Pre-service membership).

Since spring 2018, Higher Education has been collaborating with OAEA Membership to provide graduation gifts at the end of each semester to students graduating with their licensure to teach art in Ohio. This effort is meant to welcome new art educators into the field and demonstrate community and support for art educators around the state.