The OAEA operates a wide spectrum of art exhibitions designed to not only showcase talented students and teachers, but also advocate for the importance of art education in Ohio’s K-12 schools.  The month of March offers a special opportunity to showcase the visual arts throughout the state of Ohio through Youth Art Month.  The OAEA sponsors two exhibits in Columbus for the month of March - the Youth Art Month (YAM) Exhibit  at the STRS building.  This exhibit also includes works from the Jerry Tollifson Art Criticism program and the YAM Flag and Graphic Design Competition.  The other state-wide exhibit is the Young People's Art Exhibit (YPAE) located at the State Office Tower. For more information about these programs see the drop-down menus in this section.
Any OAEA member may participate in the state-wide exhibit programs.  For more information contact your regional exhibit chairperson or an appropriate exhibition committee member to learn more about the process, rules and requirements through the digital directory.

2018 Student Programing Committee

Dawn Norris

Mary Haas

Amy Cholkas

Robin Klass

Chris Bergert

Julie Brewer

Jennifer Thompson

Ann Hymel