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Emeritus Division

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WELCOME to the Emeritus Division webpage!




in 1987 at the OAEA Conference in Toledo Ohio, the Retired Art Education Division was added as a Division in a constitutional change at the OAEA business meeting. Since then in 2017, the name has changed from Retired to Emeritus Division. The Emeritus Division consists of Ohio Art Education Association members who have retired from any service as an art educator.


The Division provides a forum for ongoing dialogue, communication, and networking between members and OAEA. Through the annual business meeting at Conference, up to date information from the Artline Emeritus articles, and the Division Award providing recognition for retired members, are some of the great reasons to become an OAEA Emeritus member. Come join us !


Hello retired members,

I hope you are able to come to Conference this year. I am sending out an agenda and want to highlight two things. I would like you to bring one or two things to share that you have created and also bring some colored pencils for a hands on play time. Hope to see you in the Tamarind room at 2:00 on Thursday.

Cathy A Sweny

Agenda Conference 2018
Emeritus Division

1. Welcome.

a. Introductions
b. Name, Year retired, last trip
c. Division Award Winner

2. Share your work. Bring a piece or two to share with the group

3. Share your time. We as a group have diverse skills and knowledge. What do we do to share?


a. Conference
b. Volunteer 
c. Committees 
d. Ideas
e. Awards Nominations


4. Share your fun. Hands on Play time