Earning Graduate Credit for Leadership

Members who participate on the Leadership Assembly or Executive Board are able to earn Graduate Credit through Ashland University. One graduate credit can be earned for each of two years you hold a position. After a position has been held for two years and/or you have earned two graduate credits, you are not eligible to earn additional credits unless you are serving in a new capacity as the credit is designed to recognize your increased knowledge in a specific leadership area of the organization.

Two separate “courses” are established with varying requirements and assignments. One is designed strictly for those on the Executive Board and one for members of the Leadership Council. Although members of the Executive Board are also members of the Leadership Council they cannot earn credit for both in a given year.

To enroll you must sign up on the Ashland University website in the spring of the year. You will be expected to pay to Ashland University $180.00 at this time. OAEA does not receive any compensation for this program. Payment of the fee does not guarantee that you will earn the credit. You still must complete the assignments required.

Information on how to enroll and the agendas/requirements for the courses are included in the links below.