Divisions Defined

Divisions are made up of job-alike groups of members as determined by the Executive Board and approved by the Leadership Assembly. OAEA currently has eight divisions representing the art education field:

  • Elementary - for art teachers of grades PK - 6

  • Middle - for art teachers of grades 5-8

  • Secondary - for art teachers grades 9-12

  • Higher Education - for college-level faculty, professors and adjunct, training art education undergraduate and graduate students

  • Museum - for art educators working at museums

  • Pre-service (formerly “student”) - for undergraduate or graduate students not yet provisionally licensed to teach art

  • Supervision, Policy & Administration - for art administrators, supervisors of art teachers or art education policy makers

  • Emeritus (formerly “Retired”) - for members who have retired from any of the above service as art educators


Division Function 

                      Division Leadership

The primary function of the Professional Standards Committee is to be aware of and represent the unique needs and conditions within the Divisions in a statewide frame. Leaders of each Division represent the voice and perspective of members in that division. The Division Chairs review and evaluate the annual Divisional Awards; review and select Conference workshop proposals; and provide leadership for each division.
  • Each Division elects a Chairperson during the annual Division meeting held at the OAEA Professional Development Conference.

  • The Chairperson of each Division shall serve as a member of the State Professional Standards Committee and attend the quarterly Leadership Assembly meetings in Columbus for a two-year term.

  • No Divisional Chairperson may serve for more than two consecutive terms.

  • Election cycle – Chairs of the following OAEA Divisions serve for two years with terms beginning in January of an even number year (elected in odd year): Elementary; Higher Education; Emeritus; Supervision, Policy & Administration. Alternately, chairs that begin their terms in January of an odd year (elected the even year) are: Middle; Secondary; Museum and Pre-service.

  • All chairs must spend at least 51% of their work time in their representative division.

  • In the event of a vacancy during a particular term, members within the division may be appointed to fulfill the vacant term.

The Professional Standards Committee is chaired by the Past President.

Alice Tavani
[email protected]

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