Build a support network of advocates (parents, administrators, co-workers, community members)

Elected officials should be contacted. Seek them out and share the importance of an arts education.

Connect with administrators and board members, the community, and local media. Share with them what you’re doing inside and outside your classroom that is making a difference. If you don’t let them know, no one else will!

OAEA (Ohio Art Education Association) and OAAE (the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education) are strong resources for you and the arts. Keep your memberships up to date with both organizations and stay connected for updates.

Make your case. Prepare your elevator speeches and use them often. Topics for 3 brief elevator speeches:

- How art education benefits your students’ lives (back it up with current data)

- A personal story of how art education has impacted one student’s life

- How art education has impacted YOUR life, why you became an art educator

Exhibit your students’ artwork in the community. Seek out opportunities to get your students’ work outside the walls of your building/ district.


Top 10 Reasons to Support the Arts 


For more information and support visit any of the following links:

Arts on Line (weekly news from OAAE)

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Take advantage of the great advocacy resources available through the National Art Education Association -

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