Art Advocacy is an essential aspect of art education. As professional art educators it is our responsibility to make others understand the essential value that visual arts education holds for learners. Have you taken time to enlighten anyone about the importance of a visual arts education? Who needs to hear your voice? Administrators? Parents? Other educators? School Board members? Local Legislators?

As 2
nd Vice President it is my honor to work with the PR/Advocacy Chairpersons from each region to help you find your voice for art education. Our committee meets five times a year to develop methods of advocacy for art educators, methods to promote outstanding art educators within our organization, and to keep abreast of the ever changing trends in art education.
- Carrie Barnett


2016 PR Committee


It is our goal this year to develop specific art advocacy tools to help our members reach the masses for art education. We hope that through this collaborative work we can develop user friendly templates for every art educator to use in every art teaching situation. Be sure to check back here throughout the year for updates on important art advocacy tips and tools.

Important links for you to express their own independent opinions about issues relating to quality art education in Ohio:

The Ohio State School Board of Education Members

Ohio House of Representatives

The Ohio Senate



The NEW Ohio Art Education Association Advocate Award

This is a state-level awards program to recognize extraordinary effort and accomplishment in advocacy for visual art education by a member art educator.
The purpose of this award program is to recognize and uphold exemplary efforts in art education advocacy as model action for membership.

Definition of “art advocacy” as applied in this project
(Art) advocates promote a specific cause (visual art education) for others (students).
Advocacy action is a part of public relations, but not all public relations actions are advocacy. This award is intended to recognize members who specifically promote the cause, (benefits for and value of) visual art education for students in the nominee’s teaching site. This is not an award to recognize general positive public relations practice.

             Members benefit from specific role models in advocacy action. This award provides that model and inspiration for advocacy. Recognition can also be very motivating for a teacher to take that extra step in a seemingly thankless endeavor. Our current awards recognize accomplished teaching in regions and by divisions. This award pinpoints a specific aspect of education practice; advocacy leadership in art education.
            An (annual) Advocate Award to recognize those who have demonstrated specific exemplary effort and accomplishment in visual art advocacy is significant to OAEA members because it promotes professional growth and leadership, which aligns with the mission of OAEA. Members can nominate, be nominated and honored more than once. More than one member can be recognized each year. The total number of Advocate Awards (Merit and Honor combined) would not exceed the total number of Outstanding Art Teacher Awards presented annually.

Click Here for detailed information on the award selection process, rubric, timelines, etc.
Click Here for the profile paperwork.



Build a support network of advocates (parents, administrators, co-workers, community members)

Elected officials should be contacted. Seek them out and share the importance of an arts education.

Connect with administrators and board members, the community, and local media. Share with them what you’re doing inside and outside your classroom that is making a difference. If you don’t let them know, no one else will!

OAEA (Ohio Art Education Association) and OAAE (the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education) are strong resources for you and the arts. Keep your memberships up to date with both organizations and stay connected for updates.

Make your case. Prepare your elevator speeches and use them often. Topics for 3 brief elevator speeches:
- How art education benefits your students’ lives (back it up with current data)
- A personal story of how art education has impacted one student’s life
- How art education has impacted YOUR life, why you became an art educator

Exhibit your students’ artwork in the community. Seek out opportunities to get your students’ work outside the walls of your building/ district.


Check out this amazing art advocacy video of
"OAEA's Stories from the HeART"
done by OAEA Members
Randall Robart and Leah Fyre.

If you are having difficulties viewing the video please click here.




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