The OAEA is a statewide service organization operated by an executive committee and board of directors, consisting of elected representatives from nine regions and eight divisions. These volunteers serve in a variety of capacities on the local, regional and state levels. Other members represent the Distinguished Fellows, Ohio Art Education Foundation, and Committee Chairs.

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The OAEA is pleased to announce the receipt of a grant award from the Ohio Arts Council in the amount of $1322.  This critical funding is being used to support strategic planning currently in process.  The OAEA Strategic Planning Team comprised of the Executive Committee and representatives from the Board of Directors met August 4 for a day-long retreat to launch the planning process. The goal of this project is to strengthen our organization and plan for the future. Consultant Julie Graber of "Brains for Business" is assisting us with this effort and a report will be unveiled at the 2015 OAEA Professional Development Conference in Dayton.  The OAEA greatly appreciates the support of the Ohio Arts Council who helped fund this project with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans.

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  Craftsummer registration at Miami University is now open.  Classes can be taken for credit or non credit.  Please see the link for more info on courses.

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 Leadership is a rewarding experience in ways that connect you with stronger bonds to your professional community through the service you provide and the opportunity to grow that leadership returns. When you consider leadership opportunities think of your capacities in skills and availability as well as your experience and inspiration. This may be your “tipping point”, that step into new career territory. Realize your potential. OAEA is made of many voices, including yours. “You’d be great!”


At the State Level

The following 3 offices on the Executive Committee are open beginning 2016

President-Elect (one year term followed by two as President and two as Past-President)


minimum 5 years of service on the OAEA Board of Directors

minimum 5 years of teaching experience

1st Vice President (two-year term)

Treasurer (two-year term)


minimum 5 years of teaching experience

minimum 5 years of active membership with 2 active years immediately preceding election

Please read the detailed job descriptions and qualifications online

Nominations for these positions are open now through the annual business meeting at our conference in November in Dayton. Voting will be concluded in December so that these new positions can be seated Jan. 1, 2016.

Contact anyone on the Nominations Committee to nominate. Nomination committee is chaired by Randy Robart, Past-President and includes Parliamentarian Sherrie Dennis and Membership Chair Suzanne Mitolo.


At the Regional Level:

Regional Directors

new RDs* to be seated in 2016; NE, SE, SW, W

regions that may hold “director-elect” elections this fall; C, EC, E, NC, NW

Public Relations and Advocacy Chairs

new PR/ Advocacy Chairs* to be seated in 2016; C, EC, E, NC, NW

regions that may hold “chair-elect” elections this fall; NE, SE, SW, W

*regions may have already held elections prior, creating an “elect” year

Contact your RD for regional positions in Membership, Newsletter, Awards and more.

A reminder of our Policy & Procedure for all and any elections in OAEA. (page 8)

  • There is “no campaigning”

  • Any “Get Out the Vote” initiatives must include all candidates equally and be sent or made available to all eligible voting members.








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